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Are the SISI Drops mini perfumes original?

  • Each drop of a SISI Drops perfume is 100% original! We guarantee the authenticity of our products and prioritize the quality over everything else.


Can a perfume expire?

  • Yes, perfumes can expire. An unopened perfume can last more than 5 years while an opened one between 1 to 3 years. Some may last 1 year while others more than 10 years. It’s all about the chemical composition of the perfume.


How can I make the scent from my perfume last longer?

  • #1 Purchase top-quality fragrances. #2 Spray on erogenous zones. #3 Don’t rub the sprayed perfume!


How big are your perfumes?

  • Our mini perfumes vary from 3, 5, 10, and 15ml vials that are small and convenient. SISI Drops makes your life easier by giving you a perfume bottle so easy to carry that you can take it anywhere with you. Spray your favorite scent on the go.


How can I choose the right perfume for myself?

  • The wide range of choice can make it difficult to choose the right perfume for you. However, doing research on the web is the key. Try our fragrances to find your signature scent.


What perfumes do you have?

  • Our perfume selection is extensive and full of unique fragrances! We offer a wide range of scents for men, women and unisex With SISI Drops you can build yourself a whole collection of rare perfumes for a fraction of the original/ retail price.


What perfume should I wear?

  • One of our mottos is ‘’There’s a different perfume for every occasion.’’! We offer fragrances that can match your occasion like a date, a work meeting, or just when you’re out with friends.


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